AUTOBAHN EDITION by K.P. Niklas Svensson

Hamburg-Köln 130x68cm

Eternal Highway is a continuing art project by Swedish artist KPNS and as part of the Bäckerei Kunst art project, KPNS created a new series of collages for us with a German theme, the "Autobahn Edition", which includes four artwork in total. Check out is amazing website to see more of his elaborate work: www.KPNS.SE

DSC_1474-2 DSC_1504-3 DSC_1520-3 DSC_1526-3


The “Eternal Highway” collages are the results of a long time interest in the aesthetics of different types of roads, and the many functions and feeelings they constitute. The symbolism they harbor is vast and ubiqous, from the crossroads to the sunny side of the street. And the beauty of the curving, looping, swirvling lines that criss-cross our world are fabolusley magnificent and monumental in all their aspects. Especially from above. 

I was playing around with the collage idea already in the mid 2000´s, using mainly scrap maps and various photos for the roads, but it wasnt until a couple of years later when Google Earth got around, that i got access to all the roads, highways and interchanges on the planet, and the possibility to use them more creatively in the process of composition and design.

Most of the collages are thematic and represent different geographic locations. Many are gifts to friends and relatives, made out of roads and highways from cities and areas where they have lived. (And drived).