Future Scenarios

A continuing art project that couples instant photography with the creation of QR Codes - connecting a metropolitan realism with its digital perspective.

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Through the QR code, the visitor is given an opportunity to link a physical presence to a virtual position, and the chance to answer the fundamental question: Why are you here? Through its linking, the participant is able to witness her own present location from the perspective of another.

Time and place are no longer static. Residents of a city are viewed as mere shadows of the past, lingering in a metropolis where future scenarios have already occurred.

What is a metropolis without its population? Neglected areas and street corners within the city center are often forgotten, undetected by those who pass. What are our obligations towards a city we have created, and what is the purpose of our perpetual symbiosis? Can a city transform and evolve without our meddling? Will it continue to exist; recreating itself without us realizing that what is evolving is our own creation?

These are all questions “Future Scenarios” wants to unveil to the city’s inhabitants, giving them the possibility to witness the places they pass by everyday as shadows.

Follow the project here: Future Scenarios

Photography and Text: Alex Backstrom
Curator Stockholm: Sally Müller
Produced by Parallel-Production, 2011

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Future scenarios los angeles published in wraps magazine 2012 #5