PROPERTY OF SCAVENGER - Bull Magazine, Men’s Fiction | April 2013

“This is the most inventive, strange, and affecting short piece I’ve read in a very long time.”

- Prison Review by Curtis Dawkins


PARALLEL PRODUCTION – Think Outside The Cover, FORM #5 | 2012

“Stop the presses, print media is not out-of-date! On the contrary, the book’s best time is now. Graphic designers and publisher Nille Svensson explains why digitization could be the best thing that happened bookworms.”

Text: Nils Pennlert

FUTURE SCENARIOS  - Back to The Future Between Physical and Digital Realities, small worlds project | noc 2011

"One wall is covered with photographs of dark and dodgy seeming places from urban Stockholm. There are graffiti covered walls and concrete blocks, abandoned staircases, tunnels, backyards, shop shutters, and other places one does not expect to exist in such big quantity in Sweden’s capital."

- Stefanie Hessler