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Imagination. As a child growing up with a chronic disease and numerous hospital visits and tests, imagination plays a huge role in a child’s life. Alex Backstrom, author and model in this non-fictional artist book, talks about her childhood for the first time, engulfing the reader in an absurd normality when treating children and her escape into a parallel world. Saturn became her refuge and sparked a willingness to go on and endure all that humanity demanded from her.

With brief descriptions of key elements of Alex Backstrom’s upbringing, she complements them with transparent photography portraying her immersed with images of NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn. A fragile but empowering sensations is created as a past and a present transforms into the person Alex Backstrom viewed herself as a child. 

Text and Art Concept: Alex Backstrom
Photography: My Bäckström


"Someone once told me, “I would love to live in your world.” That made me think. In the world I’m living in. Aren’t I living in the same world as her, could there be more than one world and if that’s the case, which one is genuine? I do have several worlds, alternative realities you might want to call it. I read somewhere that “reality” is the world that continues to develop, evolve and deviate even in our absence. My outer world, what you refer to as real, is full of duties and laws, but the world I spend just as much time in, my inner world, my fantasies, is for me just as real. There is where I find my answers. There is where I find refuge. It’s a world with as many dimensions as my outer world, and it changes, it grows, even though I’m not there. It may be as grim as the “real” world, sometimes even darker, full of mysteries and death. It’s a world I can’t control. But it’s mine, and there I truly am at the core of myself." - Alex Backstrom, 2011



“As a child you are never asked to do something, you are told.”



Limited printed edition.